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Broadshires Pre-School


by Jackie Overton


When Broadshires opened in 1992 it was after a lot of hard work, both by a group of mums who formed the first committee and the Fox Bequest who are the trustees of the Old School at Broadwell. After the committee "found" the school, the trustees replaced the existing floor and updated the storage heaters for us. The committee worked to fulfill the social services requirements, advertise the pre-school and buy the first of our equipment. I remember a mum calling in to ask "is this where the pre-school opens this week?" my husband was still putting up a wall unit.

At first we only opened 2 mornings, then 3, then 4 and finally as we became more popular, we opened afternoon sessions for younger children. We are now open for 5 mornings and 4 afternoons and offer flexible childcare for mixed ages (from 2 to 4 years).

We have always been very well supported by our parents and local community and over the years have raised a lot of money to replace the original tables, chairs and cupboards. We now have a wide variety of good quality toys and equipment.

The trustees have also continued to support us. The school has been re-roofed, a damp proof course been injected, the interior of the building has been redecorated and new water heaters fitted.

We comply with the greater demands of OFSTED and have always received good inspection reports from them. We continue to strive to provide the best for our children and make their first experience of "schooling" happy and fun.


Over the last few years we have had a large play shed and covered decked area built, and created a sand kitchen. Recently we have purchased an outdoor construction set and seating area.

We have forged close links with our two nearest primary schools, St. Peters at Alvescot and St. Christophers at Langford. We often discuss new paperwork requirements, exchange visits and generally keep in touch to make the children’s transfer to school as easy as possible for them.