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Alison Rodger

Deputy Supervisor

Diploma in Pre-School Practice

Level 3

Broadshires Pre-School

My first experience of Broadshires was when my eldest daughter started attending.  It felt like joining a big family, particularly as I was new to the area.  I jumped at the opportunity of joining the staff in 2004 and started at the same time as my youngest daughter.

I have a BSc degree in Information Science and a Diploma in Pre-school Practice (Level 3). I enjoy all the creative, learning through play we do at Broadshires, particularly the outdoors activities.  Including the messy stuff like diggers in potting compost and huge trays of gloppy cornflour mixture to run your fingers through.

What I love the most is seeing the look on children's faces when they have just got the hang of doing something new.  That's worth going to work for!